Sharing a space of presence and love, to let the deepest answers arise and paint a clear picture of what your heart truly wants.

Most of the time we see life as a fragmented reality. Something is always missing. A piece that´s not there, to complete the puzzle. Either it´s the job, the relationship or the life purpose, something seems always to be out of reach, better in the future, more green on the other side of the fence, but ultimately not here right now.

Everything is already within. You just needs the right guidance to open the doors to it.

• A Fulfilled Relationship (which currently might either be a distraction from your life purpose or simply needs a new view point on feminine and masculine dynamics and clear communication)

• Your Life Purpose (your Soul knows, your heart knows, you know)

• Soul Alignment (living a 21st century life based on values, backed up by intuition, supported by a clear mindset and magnified by Divine Guidance)

Why Work With Me

Over the past 17 years I´ve trained in yoga, meditation, tantra, bodywork, energy healing, mindset, coaching, dance and shamanism. I combine the best tools from the West and Eastern Spirituality, supported by clairvoyant skills, channeling and presence. Plus, I found an ancient cave in the Himalayas, where I (unexpectedly) stayed for 2 years meditating and learning from an old saint as his only disciple. I guess, because I always wanted to know what consciousness is, what the mind-body-connection is and how to ultimately transcend unhealthy patterns of the mind! There you go, if the intention is strong enough, life takes you to very unexpected places!

My approach is that spirituality needs an embodied practice though and applicable tools in life to be truly effective. Since spiritual by-passing is one of the greatest risks for spiritual seekers, I combine spirituality with practicality, mindset and healing, relationship coaching and embodiment techniques. Strategies that work in everyday life, without having to ask any ascended master or guide for it (though this is also possible). My sessions are highly intuitive and individual so that they are always aligned to your situation right now and include body, mind and spirit!

Heal Your Relationships

Healing the relationship to others but to yourself first, is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. The patterns that resurface again and again in your life remind you of what´s there to be looked at, learning the lesson to release the bond of the past. Once you release trauma from childhood, understand your attachment style and your most important needs in a relationship, it´s a lot easier to set clear boundaries and communicate effectively what you want. In that way you magnetize what you most desire effortlessly into your life and stay aligned with Love and your highest Joy!

A 2-months programme with weekly calls and guidance.

Love Your Purpose!

Living your life on purpose is the powerful healing there is. When you truly set out to listen deep within and face all your fears, the growth is manifold! The most important voice is most often the softest one and therefore mainly overheard. When you start living your life from a place of purpose, honing in your God given gifts, your relationships start to align, you naturally stand in your power and start to heal outdated beliefs on the go, as you head into the direction that truly makes your heart sing! You start your day supercharged, because there is a reason why you truly want to do what you do!

A 2-months programme with weekly calls and guidance.

Drop Into Being

When you listen deeply within, there is no need to know why somebody rejects you, what your purpose is, and what will happen tomorrow. There is only now, and as now is, is always perfect. When you let go of the grip of the mind to know, to analyze to create drama, to be the victim, to be oppressor, to be special, to be kind, to be bold, to be the rebel, to be more, to be less than, to be somebody or something at all, there is nothing to be truly achieved, done or healed.

Resting as being is resting in oneness, in one piece, whole.

What´s standing in the way?

A 2-months programme with weekly calls and guidance.