September 1 – 30, 2019 – online – 11€

Happiness is found in simplicity. Most of the time it´s a simple small shift that brings us out of our head into our heart and connects our body with our intuition. Shamans used to ask when somebody was ill or depressed: When did you stop dancing, when did you stop smiling, when did you stop being in community? There is a deep truth behind.

I started writing this guide in India, Rishikesh, where life is utterly simple. And it´s here that the idea came for a compilation of the little rituals I weave into my day.

This 30-Day e-mail-guide is a call to bring your inner shaman out. Quirky daily action steps for mind, body and spirit allow you to find happiness in the small things, uplift your mood, stimulate your energy and change your thoughts to step out of your comfort zone into self-love, connection with others and life in general!

Included is:

• a meditation to connect with yourself

• daily email prompts for self-love, connection and uplifting inspiration

• practices from shamanism, self-development, yoga, meditation and ritual

The more intention behind your actions, the bigger the shift!

1€ of your purchase goes to Rainforest Watch to safe Amazonia! Thank you for contributing :)!