Retreats & Classes & Workshops

“Aber am besten ist meine morgendliche Reiki-Sitzung. Das ist ja wirklich Wahnsinn, was das bewirkt. Vielleicht bilde ich mir das auch nur ein, aber mein Wohlbefinden hat sich unglaublich gesteigert. Ich bin sowas von relaxt und tiefenentspannt – obwohl es im Moment im Job sowas von hoch her geht. Echt unglaublich. Und ich halte daran fest: Jeden Morgen um halb sechs geht der Wecker und dann geht es los. Keine Ahnung, warum ich mich gerade so zufrieden fühle und das Gefühl habe, dass alles total perfekt ist. Vielleicht liegt es an was anderem, vielleicht am Reiki. Die äußeren Umstände haben sich jedenfalls nicht verändert. ” – Kerstin (GER)

” Hi Anna, I am writing because it has been 21 days since receiving my attunement and it has been an awesome three weeks. I have never felt so “in flow” and in tune with the world around me and I have appreciated all the personal insights that have arisen through my daily Reiki sessions. New habits have definitely been formed. Thanks for everything!” – Sarah (US)

“In can feel the energy so much, sometimes I feel I´m spinning in a circle even if I sit still. I hope to see you soon again!” – Olga (A)

“In these two weeks on retreat with you I´ve felt better than in the past 5 years. You have no idea how much you have done for me.” – Derrick (UK)

“Hi Anna, how are you? I was thinking about my next step in life (big thoughts;)) and you popped up in my brain. Just wanted to let you know that I think that you are a very inspiring person and in the one week we shared you made a big impact! Love, Sanne” – Sanne (NL)

“The New Years Healing Retreat was great, and I felt it was an enjoyable way to practice meditation, yoga and other healing modalities. Anna did a great job in planning and putting herself into the retreat. Her yoga classes were very enjoyable and the meditations were amazing and inspiring. We were lucky to be such a magical group of people that came together and I really enjoyed learning from everyone.” – Maya (US)

“I would like to thank u for contributing to my decision to take the yoga more seriously. Your classes have been very clear, rounded and well guided. I could really let go and with total trust follow your lead and for the first time in my life experience the deep peace emerging from yoga… ” – Monika (CZ)

“I just wanted to thank you for the classes you gave. I loved them, I loved your music, and you sparked something in me which I didn’t know was there. Your classes were highlights of the retreat for me. It wasn’t until this retreat that I started to think that I might have found a new passion, and this is largely sparked by your classes. There is a strenuous exercise component to your class which I love, but the way you incorporate the breathing and the meditation makes it to a perfect balance. I feel (and hope) I have found a new passion with yoga, and I can’t wait to integrate yoga more and more into my life. I already feel it has started to change me, and I’m excited to see what else is to come.” – Ruth (BEL)

“‘Journey into Healing’ retreat was definitely a journey! The yoga classes and meditations were spot on – Anne really knows how to structure a class that unlocks something each time! She does this in a really intuitive way.” – Jess (UK)

“In a word Brilliant.
Great mix of fabulous scenery, yoga (which I actually don’t really like – but this was great) and chakra meditation. Which I think left everyone more in touch with themselves, each other and can’t believe I am about to say this but the universe! Which ain’t bad for a week in the desert. Even had France and England holding a desert chanting version of the Eurovision song contest – which finished an honourable tie. No idea what I’m talking doubt – well then you will simply have to go and experience it for yourself – its pretty cool.” – Jeannette (UK)

“Together with a friend we attended the Chakra Yoga Retreat in Morocco in March 2015. It was an amazing experience. Morocco is such a beautiful country and the way the trip is organized really makes sure you get to experience a lot of it’s variety; from the buzzing city to the mountains and different types of desert while staying in beautiful Riads with great food. The people were lovely and very interesting and we had so much fun together. I loved the yoga, different types of mediation and the reiki session. The connection with the chakras was great for me since it helped me focus everyday, created a consistency throughout the week and got me a better understanding of myself. Anna is a great teacher and wonderful and funny person who has so much knowledge and is really there to guide you through all parts of the experience. She is always there to support you and help you understand yourself. Her wisdom and spirit really amazed me the past week. I will definitely look for more trips like this!
Thanks for this amazing experience!”  – Sanne (NL)

“I participated in the September retreat in 2014 and it was an amazing and wonderful experience. Yoga, meditation, movement, stillness, oneness… and lots of laughs along the way. The small group were just lovely and what fun we had in out mix of many different languages. Accommodation and food was superb as was the transport. Whenever I make myself a cup of sweet mint tea I am transported back to the desert and a smile appears on my face. Anna and Sahara: I’ll be back! Light and love and laughter, Kate xx” – Kate (UK)

“WOW. Everyday was an experience there was no one highlight for me. Travelling in comfort, excellent accommodation, lots of different scenery. Then there was the working through the chakras using a mix of yoga and different meditations and I am really glad that I also experienced the Reiki and massage. And some excellent tunes. Everything was well organised too. All of this is down to Anna and her unique, personable style using a range of different ways to help you to see who the real you is (even if you have to work through a bit to get there!) – SUPER amazing. Of course it helped that I had the chance to spend a week with a group of great people and share this experience. Thanks all x” – Jessica (UK)

“Where to start with this great fantastic woman ?
She provided me wonderful massages, clever advices and learned me how to practice massages. Please don’t hesitate trust completely yourselves to her hand, she will ressource you with her kindness, magic fingers and smile. P.S. in addition she also a terrific yogi !!!
Thanks Anne, hope our road will cross again” – Neo J. (FR)

“Anna led the circle beautifully with a deep sense of grounding which held space to explore and connect to our feminine energies. Thank you” – Danielle (US)

“Anna, thank you for giving a beautiful impulse towards my inner confidence. My body is still responding to the energy flow you gave us. Wonderful experience, professional approach, beautiful motions, expending effect. All the best, Namaste!” – Alena (CZ)

Healing Sessions

“Thank you so much for the Chi Nei Sang. Anna is so in tune with her practice and I’m impressed by her holistic and sincere approach. The abdominal massage was “to the point” and I’m still receiving gifts from the treatment. And as a bodyworker I would love to work and learn more from her.” – Jan (NOR)

“The last few days were very special for me and I start seeing the connections, to every action follows a reaction. The karma principle acts strongly and all of a sudden emerges creativity and intuitively right actions. I´m having talks with people I never spoke to before. I´m also noticing that I don´t need as many words anymore to simply live my true Self as it is… a completely new feeling to live. Very beautiful, but also sometimes demanding, but it gives me a very good feeling that the change in nutrition, the last months in Thailand, Tai Chi, Chi Nei Sang and the Chakra Healing helped to brighten the path to my center, the middle way. I believe you were part of it. Namasté” – Philip (SWI)

“The space you gave lightened all. Thanks! Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the hay stack, really. My heartfelt gratitude! It´s like you opened my head and put golden light into it! You took me out of my personal hypnosis… In these few sessions a lot has been seen, takes a minute to integrate. What you do in these session would other people take years. Thank you!” – Cintia (AUS)

“I want to dearly thank you for the generous Reiki session – it was helpful in a crazy strange way even though I’m really a skeptic about these things. I’m glad to have met you because somehow it has lead me to realise that I need healing in my life and that i’ve really been ignoring that. In some sense I feel now like beginning a quest of healing.” – Rebana (IN)

“Hi Anna, I meant to say that I really enjoyed your yoga class, when I was at Island Yoga a few weeks ago, thanks, you created so much positive energy in the class, everyone was saying they enjoyed it.” – Ian (UK)

“Did yoga, yoga therapy, reiki, chakra meditation, everything. She made me laugh, cry, and opened my eyes to another side of myself. Thank you soooo much Anne!” – Zuszanna (Germany)